Monday, July 30, 2012

In the valley of the blind...

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Hmm it seems I was wrong, I guess I wasn't going to burst into daily writing when I got back.  In fact, I am putting forth a huge effort to even have myself write today.  My life is relatively dull, but it is mine.  I live it day to day trying my best to be my best.  Sometimes I slip and fall, sometimes I crash and burn, and sometimes I wake up a millimeter ahead of where I was the day before.

All of this is not necessarily something that lends itself to being read by outsiders who have no real knowledge about my internal workings.  The minute by minute struggles that I keep to myself, and the triumphs and setbacks that can only be understood by the person who experienced them.

I don't like the notion of "giving up" my blog, but I would also hate for people to check it expecting something and I have gone a long time without an update.  I am on a journey right now.  A journey which (at least by my incapable hands) cannot be documented.  At first I felt there was wisdom in a blog, but now I feel that it does more harm than good for me to cement in writing what are sometimes fleeting feelings and emotions.  You will have to trust me that it has come back to bite me on the ass on occasion.

I may update here and there sporadically, but I cannot make any promises.  Possibly the best bet if you are interested is to subscribe to my blog and then receive an e-mail when I update. 

That's all for now, and I am sorry that I was not able to fulfill the hopes I had for this blog on my return.  Perhaps a blog is just not the format for me after all.  I have thick walls surrounding me for a reason.

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