Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing Assignment Challenge #1

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In a recent blog post, a writer friend of mine, Deb, challenged her readers to take the elements she provided, and to make our own story. Rather than recap said elements here, I will link you to it in order for you to read them in her own words.

Here is my response to the challenge. I call it "Winter in Repose"...

Thal and Pal went down the trail to see what they could find

Thal said “‘lo Pal, make haste and come lest your dinner become mine!”

On the wintry day the friends did run, all girlfriends full of glee

To warm their hands and dry their toes in a cottage by the sea

Yet when they arrived the door was ajar and wind did whip round

Their approach cautious, their limbs exhausted they never made a sound

“Who goes?” said the black bear sat with dwarf around the embers red

“My hibernation disturbed, my mind perturbed, the culprit will be dead.”

“Tis I” said Thal, “and my sidekick Pal repose we here do seek

Sass me again and the least of your worries will be my hand across your cheek!”

Black Bear then said “Brave, are you not, to speak to us like such?”

“My dear Dwarf here can eat your bones while I make your meat my crust.”

The standoff was sure to last all night as the howls and moans of the air.

But old Pal she was clever she knew they would never win a fight with that old Black Bear.

“Peace dear friends let us make merry instead of this vicious fight

For we’ve traveled all day cold and stray and we’d rather not continue through night”

Black Bear took aback looked at the Dwarf as to say “Let’s size these two lasses up”

The Dwarf returned in kind, not knowing his mind and returned to his midnight cup.

The girls sat down with the bear and the dwarf not knowing what might come

In exchange for the fire and a restful night they promised they would be done

As the night wore on these 2 sets of friends turned into friends of four

A bear, a dwarf, and 2 human girls who never knew one another before

They passed the winter together in the cottage every day a time of play

Winter turned to Spring, and Spring to Summer appeared to last a day

Lo the time came forth on a midsummer’s eve when the girls began to whine

They would like to leave, and go back to the forest outdoor held such a good time

When the dwarf got wind that the bear would allow it he protested as never before

He tied the girls, and knocked the bear and shut then locked the door

After starting a fire he leaned in close and grabbed a handful of cinder

He cursed both the girls while he killed the bear which he intended to eat in the Winter.

I hope you enjoyed it as I wrote it just now. If not, go eff yourself. Ha.

Quack-licious (said the Dwarf)


dbstevens said...

Wow, on so many levels! I love that you created a poem, I love that you kept my interest all the way through (partially because I was saying, "Is she really doing this rhyming thing? Oh my, she's really doing this, that's awesome...," all the way through), and I love that the ending was not at all what I expected it to be. Excellent work. Thanks for participating, and I'm so excited to link up on Friday.

DR said...

Thank you. It was actually a lot of fun. To tell you the truth, I am not sure what made me go for the rhyming, but once I started it I instantly knew it was right. I should have devoted more time to it because I could have made it better I think, but I didn't want to miss the deadline and it has been a crazy schoolwork week. I'm curious since you mentioned it, how did you think it was going to end? :) The ending actually surprised me as well.

dbstevens said...

Well, I think I'm just so used to "modern fairy tales," where there's a happily ever after ending. Always.
This was really only happily ever after for the dwarf. Which is how life is sometimes. Often? I don't want to say always. It was perfect, though. Again, not what I expected, but perfect. It suddenly makes the dwarf seem like a very complicated individual, and where I hadn't though of him much before, I want to know more about him. Know what I mean? What made him do what he did? How did he justify it in his mind?

Michelle said...

Oh, wow! Love the rhyming, love the ending! Thank you for sharing!

DR said...

Michelle, thank you for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it took me so long to reply (I'm a terrible blogger) :(

Deb, I know what you mean. I (sometimes) prefer a happy ending, but in my mind it needs to at least be realistic. I wanted this dwarf to be an evil dwarf for some reason. The idea of cursing the friends and eating the bear just appealed to me I suppose.